Orange County Chinese Association (OCCA) Constitution

1.0              Purpose


Orange County Chinese Association (herein referred to as the Association) is an on-going, non-profit organization, and the purpose of which is to promote the Chinese culture and to benefit  the community of Orange County, New York.


2.0              Membership Qualification


The Association is an open, non-political organization. Individuals who identify with the Associationˇs purpose above, agree to abide by this constitution, register, and pays due every year can become a member.


3.0              Organization and Management


The basic structure is the General Member Assembly (herein referred to as the Assembly). Below the Assembly is the Board of Directors, which steers the direction of the long-term, basic administrative policies. For detail refer to the attached sketch (Orange County Chinese Association Organizational Chart).


4.0              Board of Directors


4.1       The Board of Directors is the policy-making body, and represents the Assembly in the monitoring the functions of the Association


4.1.1    Job function: appoints/terminates the principal, the vice principal, and teachers, proposes, examines, and passes the budget and administrative plan.


4.2       The Board of Directors comprises of seven members serving two-year terms. If re-elected can serve again-footnote 11.2.


4.2.1        Job function of directors: participate in the discussion and resolution of affairs, and suggest opinions and alternatives for the business related to the Board.


4.2.2        If for some reason the director cannot serve out his/her term, a resignation must be submitted to the Board 30 days in advance.


4.2.3        If necessary the number of directors may be increased or decreased. However, the adjustment must be approved by more than 50% of the seven (7) directors to take effect.


4.2.4        Substitute director: shall be an un-elected candidate with the largest votes less than the elected director, and serve out the remaining year. Substitute status is effective for one year.


4.2.5        If there is vacancy in directorship, a substitute director in turn will take his/her place.


4.2.6        Every year starting November 15th, the Board accepts the nomination for directors. Every year before January 1st, the Board will inform all of the current members in writing a list of candidatesˇ names. Also, during the Chinese New Year Celebration, an election will be conducted anonymously, and members must personally get to the voting place to cast their votes. An absentee voter must write a letter to the Board listing his/her choice of candidates, personally sign the letter, and submit the letter to the Board the day before the election.


4.3       The Board of directors includes a President and Vice President. They are chosen by the Board among the Board members, each serving a one-year term.


4.3.1        The Job Function of the President  Represents the Board and is responsible to the Association  Represents the Association in managing all outside activities  Responsible for chairing and convening scheduled and unscheduled Board meetings, discuss administrative policies and matters related to the financial budget. Scheduled meetings are set for once each year in March, June, September, and December. Directors are given two-week advance notice prior to the grand meetings.  Responsible for chairing and convening unscheduled grand meetings related to matters of elections, terminations, or resolutions related affairs.  Unscheduled grand meeting: The President must as soon as possible arrange for the convening of the grand meeting, if 1/3 of the members collectively request a grand meeting.


4.3.2        The Board of directors maintains meeting records managed by the general secretary. At the conclusion of each meeting, the minutes are read aloud. If there is no disagreement, the minutes become the official record of the meeting. Board meeting minutes are public; any current member has the right to peruse it.


4.3.3    The Board has decided that if the opposing parties have the equal number of votes, the proposal shall be decided by the general director.


4.4              If the directors, President, or Vice President displaces inappropriate behaviors, acts in an unfair manner unfair in handling matters, or violate the purpose and spirit of the Association, the members, with 1/3 of the signatures of the members, can initiate a meeting of all members. In the meeting, the members can elect, with the approval of 2/3 of the members, to terminate the above offender(s).

If the President or Vice President is, for no reason, absent from the Board meeting more than twice a year, and if the incidents are examined and confirmed true, the Board may vote (approval by 2/3 of the seven (7) directors) to terminate the President or Vice President.


If the President or the Vice President is absent three times within a year, due to reasonable matters or illness, he/she shall voluntarily resign from their position.


4.5              The Board of directors establishes the academic, recreational, financial, general affairs and secretarial offices to manage the daily administrative businesses.


4.6              In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume his/her responsibilities. If the Vice President is absent, the general secretary shall take over. If the general secretary is absent, an experienced director shall take over.


4.7              If the President for some reason cannot fulfill his/her terms, his/her job function shall be assumed by the Vice President. See footnote 11.2.


4.8              Office of the Secretary: the office is staffed by one secretary general, appointed from the directors by the board.


4.9              Job Function of the Office of the Secretary


4.9.1        Responsible for recording and safekeeping the minutes and all of the document files of the Board meeting.          


4.9.2        Responsible for recording and safekeeping the Chinese Schoolˇs minutes of meetings, and all of the document files of the Chinese School.


4.9.3        Apply for the necessary books.


4.9.4        Distributes registration, membership application, and other notification forms.


4.9.5        Organizes newspaper clippings.


5.0              Academics Director


5.1       Job Function of Academics Director: manages the academic research, library facility, and teaching plan related to the academic activities of the Orange County Chinese School. This position is all served by the Principle of the Orange County Chinese School.


5.2              Academics Director is in charge of the Chinese School.


5.3              Orange County Chinese School


5.3.1        The Orange County Chinese School (herein referred to as the Chinese School)

serves the purpose of teaching the Chinese language, history, and traditional culture. Members of the Association and their children who join the Association in support of the founding purpose of the Association can join the Chinese School.


5.3.2        The School is staffed by a Principle and a Vice Principle, who are chosen by the Board after agreement and passage by 2/3 of the seven (7) directors to serve a one-year term. The elected can serve again, but no more than two consecutive terms.


5.3.3        Qualifications of the President and Vice President  Individuals who identify with the founding spirit of the Association, and is a member of the Association.  Members who are enthusiastic about the school affairs, and knowledgeable about the administration of the Chinese School.  Members who display leadership, strong execution skill, strong enthusiasm toward service.


5.3.4        Responsibility of the Principle  The Academics Director is the Principle.  Manages all affairs related to the Chinese School, establishes a teaching plan, which is submitted to the Board for approval prior to the beginning of each semester. Executes school affairs, and enforces the schoolˇs administrative policies approved by the Board or the Assembly.  Attends Board meetings, gives reports on the affairs of the Chinese School, and responds to the questions regarding the affairs of the School.  Attends inter-school teaching meetings and tours, and proposes improvements to the Board.  Proposes the appointment and removal of the dean and teaching staff of the school, submits the proposal at the next board meeting for approval.  Determines school emergencies including the safety measures during school hours, school delay or cancellation due to inclement weather conditions or others, and notifying the parents accordingly at the earliest time.  Sing and distribute the teachersˇ contracts.


5.3.5        Teachersˇ contracts are annually based. However, either party can initiate cancellation with 30-day advance notice.


5.3.6        Salary: principal and teachers are essentially volunteers. However, to express the gratitude for their contributions, the board will offer them travel expense compensations based on school finance and inflation level.


5.3.7        The principal may be removed for inappropriate conduct by petition from more than one third of the parents or more than one third of the board, followed by the approval of two third majority of the emergency board meeting called upon by the President.


5.3.8        In case the principal cannot fulfill his term, he should offer resignation to the board at least 30 days in advance. His duty will be temporarily assumed by the assistant principal.


5.3.9        Duty of the assistant principal.  The Assistant Principal is selected by the recommendation of the school principal or the board. His duty is to assist the principal in executing school affairs.  Acts for the principal during his absence.  Assumes the duty of the principal when he cannot finish his term.


5.4.10    Duty of the dean the principal in drafting teaching plan. Designs and prepares academic activities. Improves textbook and library collections. the principal in preparing the teacherˇs roll. up class schedules. teachers in improving teaching methods. the original textbooks. Determines the required quantity and requests the board to make up for the insufficient amount.


6.0              Recreational officer


6.1       The recreational officer is selected from the board members and approved or removed by the majority vote of the board for a one-year term, renewable by re-election. He can appoint an assistant recreational officer and notify his selection to the board.


6.2              Duty of the recreational officer


6.2.1        Sponsor movies, dinner parties, dances, and other recreational activities. Submits an annual plan to the board for approval during March.


6.2.2        Sponsors seminars and youth activities.


7.0              Treasurer


7.1       The treasurer is selected from the board members and is approved or removed by the majority vote of the board for a one-year term, renewable by election.


7.2              Duty of the treasurer.


7.2.1        Manages the finances of the association. Maintains a balanced budget.


7.2.2        Collects tuition from the parents during the first day of the semester. Proposal of the tuition amount is submitted by the principal to the board for approval.


7.2.3        Makes payments for the school expenses, such as rent, stationary, books, and other equipments.


7.2.4        Presents the budget of the following year to the board and executes it after approval.


7.2.5        In case of budget deficit, submit request to the board for approving tuition increase.


7.2.6        Prepare detailed accounting record for regular board inspection. The finance of the association is open to any current member for examination.


7.2.7        Collect membership fee during spring festivities.


7.3              Fiscal year of the association begins on March 1st.


8.0              The association starts the new annual term on the first Sunday of March. All the transition of offices should take place on that day.


9.0              If the whole board resigned for unforeseeable reasons, the new board shall be elected by the general assembly of the members.


10.0          General Services Officer


10.1     The general services officer is selected from the board members and approved or removed by the majority vote of the board for a one-year term, renewable by re-election.

10.2          Duty of the general services officer.


10.2.1    Manage and inventory the properties of the association.


10.2.2    General purchase.


10.2.3    Manage the printing of the studentsˇ homework material. Coordinate the teachers and other staff for the above.


10.2.4    Other general business of the association.


11.0          Appendix


11.1     When necessary, this charter can be revised by the board meeting initiated by two thirds of the board members. The revision is drafted by the board and presented to the members at large. The revision will become effective in two weeks if no objection is raised. In case of objection, a petition is required to return the revision to the board for further consideration.


11.2     Only half of the board members are re-elected each year to maintain stability. Excluded are the elections for make-up or expansion. After the annual election of the president, the vice president is elected from and by the board members. When the vice president cannot assume his duty, the board will re-elect his replacement within 30 days.


11.3     When objection of the direction or personnel change of the association is raised by petition of more than half of the general members, the board has to seek satisfactory resolution as soon as possible.


11.4     Except travel expenses for the principal and teachers, there are no monetary compensations to all the other personnel due to the voluntary nature.




Orange County Chinese Association Constitution


1.0    ﹙Ξ:

           卷皃华协会(简称セ会)为ッ┦,獶营┦ぇ组织,ざ残い瓣ゅて, 糤秈卷皃地籔跋褐﹙Ξ


2.0         会员资




3.0                组织蒓职磝





4.0               赋ㄆ会

4.1.0     赋ㄆ为决郸审关,会负责监服┮属︽現单.

4.1.1     职 责:ヴタ捌长ㄆ毙师审订の硄过预决衡の级单ぇ︽現



4.2.0          赋ㄆ会设Τ赋ㄆ,ヴ戳,连选眔连ヴ(见猔11.2.)

4.2.1          赋ㄆぇ职责:参Τ关ㄆ务ぇ坝讨蒓决,矗ㄑ種见の协办蒓赋ㄆ会


4.2.2          赋ㄆ珿ぃヴ职戳满时,眔ぱ玡赋ㄆ会矗辞

4.2.3          赋ㄆ数ゲ璶时皍ぉ糤减,惠现ヴ赋ㄆ数硄过,よ为Τ

4.2.4          赋ㄆ时,眔パ现ヴ补赋ㄆㄌΩ递补

4.2.5          补赋ㄆ:布数ぶ当选赋ㄆぇ赋ㄆ选,补资Τ

4.2.6          –るきら癬,赋ㄆ会开﹍钡赋ㄆ选ぇ矗赋ㄆ会–






4.3.0        赋ㄆ会设タ捌赋ㄆ长,パ赋ㄆが崩选产ネぇ,ヴ戳(见

             11.2 )

4.3.1        赋ㄆ长ぇ职责  赋ㄆ会会负责  对セ会,职磝ち对动  负责の开﹚戳┪獶﹚戳ぇ赋ㄆ会议,坝讨︽現よ针财经预衡单Τ


      玡琍戳硄赋ㄆ  负责の开﹚戳┪临时会选举罢┪决Τ关业务  临时会:だぇ会员联璶―开会时,赋ㄆ长ゲ须尽е逼



4.3.2         赋ㄆ会设Τ会议记录,パ书长磝恨,–Ω会议结玡,┪Ω会议开﹍





4.3.3        赋ㄆ会决议双よ布数单时,该议应パ赋ㄆ长权决﹚ぇ


4.4       赋ㄆ,タ捌赋ㄆ长︽为ぃ当,┪处ㄆΤアそす,┪Τ违はセ会﹙Ξのミ会







4.5              赋ㄆ会设学术眃乐财务总务の书处瞶ら盽︽現业务


4.6              赋ㄆ长ぃ时,ㄤ职务应パ捌赋ㄆ长瞶,捌赋ㄆ长ぃ时,应パ书长 瞶书长ョぃ时,应パ资瞏赋ㄆ瞶


4.7              赋ㄆ长珿ぃヴ职戳满时,ㄤ职务应パ捌赋ㄆ长瞶(见猔11.2 )


4.8              书处:书处设书长,パ赋ㄆ长﹚赋ㄆヴ

4.8.0        书处ぇ职责

4.8.1        负责录玂恨赋ㄆ会议记录,のΤ关赋ㄆ会ぇちゅン档

4.8.2        负责录玂恨いゅ学会议记录,のΤ关いゅ学ぇちゅン档

4.8.3        ビ请┮惠书膟

4.8.4        发猔册の会员会のㄤ硄

4.8.5        俱瞶芭报


5.0              学术赋ㄆ


5.1       学术赋ㄆぇ职责:职磝Τ关いゅ学学术╯图书设备毙学计单



5.2               学术赋ㄆ恨卷皃いゅ学


5.3               卷皃いゅ学


5.3.1         卷皃いゅ学(简称セ )毙甭い国语ゅ历传统ゅて为ヘ 才 セ会ミ会﹙Ξ,Θ为セ会会员のㄤ,А参

5.3.2         セ设タ捌长,パ赋ㄆ会崩选,经だぇ赋ㄆ赞Θ硄过竨


5.3.3         タ捌长资     才セ会ミ会弘,参セ会     热み务,剪眡学︽現     Τ领导,办ㄆ强,狝务热み


5.3.4          长ぇ职责     长为当礛学术赋ㄆ     处瞶蒓セΤ关ぇち业务,拟﹚毙学计,–学戳开学玡ユ赋ㄆ会审琩

       硄过 ,崩︽务,执︽赋ㄆ会の会┮硄过ぇ务琁︽よ针      畊赋ㄆ会,务琁現报,氮询現     参Τ关际毙学观集会议,议赋ㄆ会―э进     议ヴセ毙务长の毙职员,癳ユΩ赋ㄆ会审琩硄过     决﹚务よΤ关ぇ紧惫琁,珹学ネ时ぇ惫琁,ぱ┪ㄤ

       τ动,┪课时间时,ㄌ当时薄尽Ν硄產长单单     签发毙师竨书




5.3.5            毙师竨请为戳Τゲ璶,双よ眔ら玡硄对よ竨约


5.3.6            羱:长の级毙师А为义务┦质,为筍ㄤ毙学ǒ劳蒓やㄤユ硄,のㄤ蒓毙学Τ关ぇ费ノ,设Τ车马费ㄤ数秖硅则パ赋ㄆ会–刹



5.3.7            长处瞶务ぃ当,τだぇ產长联, だぇ赋ㄆ联




5.3.8            长珿ぃヴ职戳满时,眔ら玡赋ㄆ会矗辞,ㄤ职责应パ捌



5.3.9            捌长ぇ职责 捌长パ长┪赋ㄆ崩,经だぇ赋ㄆщ布赞Θ竨ヴㄤ职责为

       协长执︽项职务  长ぃ时瞶︽ㄏ长职责 长ぃヴ职戳满时,暂时瞶长职责     毙务长ぇ职责     协长拟﹚毙学计,╯筹学术动,э进现ノ毙,糤睰图书设

       备单     协长备毙师单     ﹚课ら祘     辅毙师э进毙学よ猭     磝恨毙书ぇ絑,﹚┮惠书膟ぇ数秖,ぃì时,矗ユ赋ㄆ会负责



6.0               眃乐场


6.1         设タ捌ㄆ,タㄆパ赋ㄆヴ,经赋ㄆ会数赞Θ硄过ヴぇ,



6.2                 眃乐ㄆぇ职责

6.2.1           办电紇籈繺籖会单眃乐动,–るㄆ矗ユ赋ㄆ会坝讨硄过ぇ

6.2.2           举办学术畒谈会,の销獵ぶ动


7.0               财务ㄆ


7.1         设ㄆ,パ赋ㄆヴ,经赋ㄆ会数赞Θ硄过ヴぇ,ヴ戳,连选



7.2                  财务ㄆぇ职责

7.2.1            瞶セ会ぇ财经预衡,Μやキ颗

7.2.2            –学戳开学ら,產长Μ缴该学戳ぇ学费,学费数额パ长矗,


7.2.3            戳や学Τ关ぇ┬,糤睰纸张,书膟,图书,竟ㄣ设备单

7.2.4            畊赋ㄆ会,矗ぇ财经预衡,经硄过执︽ぇ

7.2.5            Μやぃキ颗,Τゲ璶糤学费时,ユ赋ㄆ会坝讨硄过

7.2.6            详细祅录财经Μや帐茂,﹚戳癳ユ赋ㄆ会审セ会财务そ开,ヴ现ヴ


7.2.7            –琄节联欢时Μ会员费


7.3                  セ会财現预衡﹚为パ–るら﹍




8.0                赋ㄆ会蒓┮Τ设ぇ审疼ぇ︽現,﹚为–るぇ材个琍戳ら,



9.0              赋ㄆ会パヴぃ预见ぇ蔨辞职时,穝赋ㄆ会应パ会选举产



10.0          总务ㄆ


10.1     设ㄆ,パ赋ㄆヴ,经赋ㄆ会数赞Θ硄过ヴぇ,ヴ戳,



10.2          总务ㄆぇ职责

10.2.1    磝恨册セ会财产

10.2.2    购

10.2.3    磝恨いゅ学学ネ业ぇ,协调级毙师のΤ关场门

10.2.4    ㄤΤ关セ会ぇ总务


11.0          猔


11.1     セ彻祘ゲ璶时,眔随时开赋ㄆ会эぇ,须眔ぶだぇ赋ㄆ议,


      琍戳内无奢议,则该タ动ネ 会员Τ奢议,ゲ惠ㄣΤだぇ



11.2            赋ㄆ会–э选だぇ,维ㄤ稳﹚┦糤补选ぃ捌赋ㄆ长




11.3            会员だぇ联矗对セ会ヴ决议,︽現よ针┪ㄆヴ单ㄆ项



11.4            埃セ长蒓毙师Τ车马费,ㄤセ会┮Τ员,А属义务┦质,没Τヴ

羱筍补偿  ~Ч~
























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